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Reserve a Meeting Room at Lee County Libraries

107 Hawkins Ave. Sanford, NC 27330

Phone: 919.718.4665 Fax: 919.775.1832


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Meeting Room Reservation must be submitted at least three (3) full business days but no more than thirty (30) days before the date of request.  All other requests are treated as “day of use” requests and can only be made in person on the day and at the time of need.

(note: “day of use” requests are based upon availability only.)

Reserve a meeting room at Lee County Libraries located at:

107 Hawkins Avenue

Sanford NC 27330

Office:919-718-4665   Fax:919-775-1832

Please read the Lee County Libraries Meeting Room Policy before completing the reservation application (HERE). 


Submitting an application does not guarantee your room reservation.  Requestor will receive a confirmation/rejection email within three (3) business days. A phone call interview may be required for more information to complete the application.


Available Meeting Rooms:

Board Room - seats 6-8
Conference Room - seats 6-8
Auditorium - seats 30


Questions can be emailed to 

(Please do not email staff to request room. Reservations are only to be made via online application.)

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Please attach any flyers or advertising for your organization as well as any documents for your reservation request:

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*This reservation request does not guarantee use of a room.  Staff will contact the requestor within 3 business days with confirmation/rejection or request for more information. Final decision for a reservation request by any group or individual will be made in accordance with our Meeting Room Policy by the Library Director and/or the Library Board of Trustees.

By clicking the radio button below you are certifying your review and understanding of to the Lee County Libraries Meeting Room Policy as well as confirming direct responsibility as the representative of the group/organization to comply with the policy.


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