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Lee County NC Library

107 Hawkins Ave. Sanford, NC 27330


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Application for use of the meeting room

Lee County Library

107 Hawkins Avenue

Sanford NC 27330

Office:919-718-4665   Fax:919-775-1832

These applications should be turned in at least 30 days prior to the meeting.  Submitting this form does not guarentee room reservation.  Confirmation will be made be email or telephone.

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Attach Flyer or Brochure of your organization if applicable

*Please note that all final decisions as to the use of  a Library Meeting room by any group or individual will be made by the library director and/or the Library Board of Trustees.

By clicking the radio button below I certify and allow the library to use this radio button as my personal signature and thereby agree that I have read and understand the policy and agree as the representative of the group as a whole to comply with the rules applicable to the user of Library meeting rooms.

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